How important is copper in losing weight?

American scientists have published a study in the journal Nature Chemical Biology that should be of interest to all those struggling with their weight. In recent years, various studies have discovered how important copper is for our body. It has now been found that it obviously also plays a crucial role in the metabolism of fat.

In recent years, the effects of copper in our body have been researched more and more. It is now known that the trace element is required to produce red blood cells. It is also involved in the development of connective tissue, strengthens the immune system and plays a role in the absorption of iron. It is also important for cell breathing to function properly. In the brain, it is involved in the communication between brain cells.

Lose weight with copper?

Now the researchers from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( Berkeley Lab) and UC Berkeley discovered the connection between fat loss and copper . The more copper there is in the body, the more fat is broken down in the body and converted into energy. Obviously the metal is an important signal substance in fat metabolism and regulates the breakdown of lipids here. Next, it must be investigated whether the other way around, a lack of copper in the body is or can be to blame for obesity and overweight.

Wer abnehmen möchte, sollte kupferhaltige Lebensmittel essen, z.B. Muscheln.

Since the body cannot produce copper, we have to ingest it with our food. So it can be said that foods containing copper are suitable for weight loss. It is found in abundance in the following foods:

  • Coconut
  • Mussels
  • Oysters
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts
  • Beans

In order to meet the average requirements of adults (around 700 micrograms per day), foods containing copper should be consumed . On the other hand, these should not be eaten together with foods containing zinc, as zinc hinders the absorption of copper in the intestine. In addition to poor nutrition, a copper metabolism disease (Wilson’s disease) can also cause a copper deficiency in the body. Even if the latest research has not yet been completed, copper seems to promote the breakdown of fat. Which is why everyone trying to lose weight should make sure to consume enough copper .

Can you poison yourself with copper?

You should definitely avoid supplements. Here, too, “a lot helps a lot” does NOT apply, but the right amount is decisive, which is achieved through a varied diet with fresh foods. Because too much copper is also not healthy and can lead to symptoms of poisoning up to damage to the liver tissue and the destruction of red blood cells. However, this is impossible with a normal diet and can only happen with an overdose of supplements.

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